What rappers think about Sacar after Sacar Padhikari 2.0 (Exposed) ?






19 December, 2019 9:42 PM

What rappers think about Sacar after Sacar Padhikari 2.0 (Exposed) ? with image 2019-12-19-21-36-23sacar ease.jpg

Is Sacar a.k.a. Lil Buddha really Exposed?

" SACAR PADHIKARI 2.0, is one of the dopest diss track in Nepali-Hip-hop till the date. As expected from Ease he set the finest of lyrical work with the proper ratio of various elements of rap. If I'd like to evaluate as anyone among the audience. I would say that he exposed the true face of Lil' Buddha. Also, the most respected Emcee in the history of Nepali hip-hop was targeted as seen in the clip at the beginning of the track. This diss is a lesson to many rappers in a sense that diss songs without any meaning and based on personal attacks are getting viral. It's a perfect example for rappers all over Nepal that diss is not what we do for personal attacks and it is the medium of criticism. There's a lot of difference between Criticism and Verbal Violence! It's a good diss track. Lil' Buddha's career at stakes! I hope Sacar gives Jholey his payment. " says one of his followers.

What Nepali hip-hop artists have to say after listening to Sacar Padhikari 2.0?

That was aight. Really it feels like listening to Apar Gurung in 2019, facts. Shit was aight thou. Happy for ease. For Sacar,- " I like what he is doing. He needs to know that gangsta move silence. God bless you." Jawoos👌 - Sarkar

Ease and Sacar both are a very good and talented rapper. The important thing is to channelize their talents for proper use.I don't want to say any bad to either one. Both of them are good in their own way. The diss track is very good, and I appreciate him as a good lyricist. Till now diss tracks have not taken its shape as a mainstream beef. And I wish, it does not take that shape ever. It should be a kind of accepting a challenge and proving self. Nepali hip-hop does not want them to be gang-gang type or fights and thugs. We are simply an artist and should love all kind of art and their talents. That's what we are. No beef guys just show your skills. I would love to hear from Sacar cause I believe he is also a good rapper in our Nepali hip-hop scene. - Mana Shrestha

I am disappointed by Sacar, especially for his supporters. Everyone gave him a genuine fair chance. This time it's on him. - Cons Cious

I want to thank Ease for being a medium to show the truth that Sacar has been hiding from the audience since he became an extreme-fame-digger. Padhikari 2.0 finally made it clear to the audience that Sacar is just a clout chaser. - Flo Pilot

What sacar said was absolutely pathetic, it just proves he was using Yama dai's name from the beginning. I for personal beliefs don't even believe that he has any mental disorder he is just an attention seeker, seeking attention one way or another is his way to fame. - Krae G

Good for the scene if Sacar replies. If he replies, he better writes some dope shit. - Zeroo

Good for ease good for Sacar as they have now much audience. - Ranjan Khanal, [Ministry of Sound, Nepal]

Ease is good. Sacar Padhikari 2.0 was better than part 1. I don't know if Sacar was conscious about whatever he said about YB. But the content in the diss track was dope. Whatever it is, it's totally transparent in the track. - Nishanta Gauchan

What are your thoughts after listening to Sacar Padhikari 2.0? We rest with you.