Educated Enough to Rap! says University topper, Rapper Ease






26 January, 2020 12:06 PM

Educated Enough to Rap! says University topper, Rapper Ease with image 2020-01-21-23-05-54EASED.jpg

Educated Enough to Rap! says University topper, Rapper Ease

After an 8 year-long journey from his first song release, which was during his +2 days at Biratnagar, to the most recent release of ‘The Uncrowned Lyricist’ whilst pursuing his masters in population and rural development, Ease feels that he is ‘educated enough to rap’ and is also planning on going professional from this year onwards. When asked if the rap scene is able to pay back to him financially, Ease instantaneously responds with how rap is a second priority. He believes that studies should come first, only then could everything be expressed profoundly. 

Ease further goes on to explain why he wasn’t ready back then to go pro. He talks about all the responsibilities that need to be sorted out first, like family. Then there are the unseen responsibilities, hidden from the public eye. From the outside, it might look like all the boxes are ticked, nice clothes, good food, comfortable place, etc, but there are so many more things that are pulling you down which cannot be shown to the public eye. Ease’s main priority has always been education. Coming straight outta his own mouth, Ease says he aimed to be “Educated enough to rap”. 

“That was the whole point of my grind. Siddhena bela bho (Will soon be done with Masters Program), now I'm ready. Kaam garey. Double grind garey. Life bujhey. Dherai saathi haru banaye, dherai saathi haru ghumaye, and now as a human being I’m ready to talk about emotions and life lessons” – Ease a.k.a. Ease is Easy.

Travels sometimes ignite a fire within and inspire people, just like how Ease was inspired. It wasn’t the big, posh, high-end hotels, but rather the small villages and homestays he visited and stayed at. He saw how the people over there, the locals, were living in such harsh conditions. That’s where he got his inspiration to write and rap. But it was not just the empathy hitting home, the intensity of Ease’s vocabulary is also something that ought to be noted. The words that flow out from him are just so heavy and deliver raw authenticity. All thanks to two years of intensive deciphering of the dictionary. Ease first started out rapping in English, but then he ate up the entire dictionary, and now after 2 years, you could say Ease flows with ease in Nepali. 

When asked what first comes to his mind when hearing the word ‘competition’, we got the answer ‘himself’. There is no contender greater than oneself and it is a great challenge to be able to put yourself in the competition. Money for Ease is clearly of second priority as he firmly states without any hesitation. The satisfaction, he believes, is different from person to person. So there could be no fixed amount of monetary value that could please everyone. 

“Saab le kamauchha, but timro level of satisfaction kati ho?” –Ease when asked about what he thinks of ‘Money’. 

This is somewhat how the rapid-fire round went:

“Love? Mother. Love is mother” 

“Religion? Man-made”

“Marriage? Compromise. Keta le keti dekhdaina, but they come to a compromise to marry and make a family, start a home. Marriage is between two families, not just two people.”

Mysterious but touching, when asked if he could ask anyone, alive or dead, one question, Ease’s vibe switches up to a more serious note. He says he wants to ask Yama Buddha if he forgives him. When asked why he says there are a lot of reasons but he cannot share them. Respecting his privacy, the rapid-fire round moves on forwards and asks what the best advice he has ever received is. “From Balen Dai and Mister D ‘Now it’s your time. You need to go professional. Pro’. Was a few months back.” Taking the two’s advice, Ease now aims to go pro from 2020 onwards, this year. 

“What is the one thing you would like people to remember about you at the end of your life? That I stayed real. Real to myself.”

“If you found a way to travel through time, where would you go? Laxmi Prasad Devkota bhetna janey. Tapai ko formula k ho bhanera bujhnu”

Is it more important to do what you love or love what you do? Ease believes both are important. 

“You need to love what you’re doing and do what you love too. But choosing one, you need to love what you do. Else you can’t give your full potential. You gotta sacrifice some things when you wanna do what you love and follow your passions.”

Enjoy the interview for the better insight!

His latest release. Enjoy the music.