Song Lyrics: Sacar A.K.A. Lil Buddha - Ganja Man (Remix)






21 January, 2020 11:06 PM

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Ayg :-

(Ganja Man)
Roll up another one, 
Pack me a cona burn,
Stop that shxt, bitch you had done enough,
Now you just watch us go fxxk it up,

Ayg :-
Watch me go fxxk it up, 
Watch me go fxxk it up, 
Play the beat, let me knock it off,
Watch me go run it up,
Watch me go run it up, 
Boli aago, let me burn it up,
Bitch I'm the dopest but I don't smoke ganja, 
Bitch I'm a Lambo and you just a Honda,
My shxt upgraded just like wocanda,
Your shxt is black and white just like a panda,
Seto kalo jastai zebra,
Para chaina tero thiktak,
Fame ko lagi taile j ni garne,
Boru pagal huna choddhey vhik maag,
You know that I got that flame,
Plus my flow is so insane,
Bars fitted in my brain, 
Switchin the lane,
Bitch I'm goin super sayan,
Udchu mathi jastai plane,
Pokhara Mob yea we the ones chalaudai galli yha,
AYG gang dhankara geet dinchu ma halli yha,
Give me a beat and I run it,
Feelin that heat like it's sunny,
Kaam garchu maile kanni,
After that bitch I be countin that hunnid,

Swornim :-
Tandai mah  toph  Imm smoking so good keta harusanga gang gang 
Jahila reppping my hood ! (Pokhara city) 
Chata vetxa gare lyang lyang 

Leidim Rangeeen triiippp aabha 
Sabai kura haru samjhidim aabha 
THC ko Jadu la vaye be kabu 
Medicate huncha  jahila 
Ghanta khaie suta  babu !

I don’t really fuck with these chataki hoes ! 
Meu and my bros we better smoke 
Chuttai  swah Trah lutdaixa dealer 
got no plug 
Banauxu rejila ko pillar 
Mero Kta haru bashxa yeaa galli ra chowk ma
Local paara hami, junkie yo tole ma
gaaja fukda laghxa saharr ma kuiro 
beyrrdinxu talai  tehi gaaja ko role ma 

Pagal bhai aabha dhaak na dey 
Kei khulkinna mukh xadhna le 
Fame ko vogg talai lageyko rogg
Sakarey lai gayera chakk ma dey 

Xan :-

Shootin' up rocket launcher yeah!
All these bitches down on my purse, drawers, look i gotta carry the burden, you and ur fellas fukin chasin' one stripper yeah,
All'em people followin' criticism, you new, already see ain't no different,
Prolly gon' text her on next week, this no. 6 crazy ready for throttle, ay ur bitch she's a thot, bitch, she a mami, she's loaded of a body, such a yatchy, yatchy lotta party, all she ever wanted, she just fitta in my pocket,
Lotta haters, i ain't done blockin' ay,
Shut ur mouth, ur mouth with ur dick, 
These fellas ain't know what to do with a heat,
Holla at me, imma fuck u with a beef,
imma ACE fella, I sound like I'm back in the field,
Packin' d meal, Loui Vi, sue kid stucked with a bill,
Whole list got on silence until I drop sth hit,
Passin' the joint is the way to appease,
Reminisc my bars, now you get extra weight,
You sent her to check, now she hoppin' on me,
Hoppin' on me, ur bitch tappin' on me,
Rumours, she told me she gon' get back with ur business, I made her she's doin' that quick,
Ak-47 Glocks' on the desk, now she's twerkin' on me like she's servin' on me,
I'mma let you know how they been lurkin' on me, I can even tell who tf is,
Real fellas ain't none of yall if u run the blocks on murderin' shit,
Oh my God!

Agreem :-

Smokin the dope in the Bong, she got the body like bomb yeah!  Banging the bitch give me 
Brain yeah! I am feelin no pain yeah 
I’m going insane yeah 
I’m rockin the brands yeah! 
She lovin the chase yeah 
These niggas are sankes yeah 
I’m bombin his place yeah! 
Don’t fuck wit the fakes yea! 
Got VVS chains 
I’m makin it rain yeah (drip drip) 
I’m still gettin paid ! 

The joint is amazing so fuck about fame!

This ain’t no game !
you sound so lame 
Get the fuck outta here! 

Shooting out rocket launcher 
Jolay j vaney vancha ! Sakney la yeha  garcha
Arulae yeha darcha aye ! Ladcha agdi badcha 
Tara sabda la nai chalcha 
Balcha bal chheina bhukne la bhukda 
Yestai chha para ! Hommie out there smokin
Fool ko butta ! All-day I smoke a da ganja!
I feel the vibe with strangers! 
Make alive when I inhale the smoke 
Me and  boys yea we dope

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