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15 January, 2020 5:41 PM

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Anil Adhikari (30 May 1987 – 14 January 2017) was a Nepalese rapper better known by his stage name Yama Buddha. He was one of the most prominent rappers in Nepal. His songs Sathi, Aama, Aaudai chhu ma, Yo Prasanga, Antya Ko Suruwat, etc. are popular hits. He was the creator and the presenter of the Popular Rap Battle show Raw Barz.

Adhikari, son of a Nepali politician Ambika Prasad Adhikari, was born in Salakpur, Morang. He lived in Salakpur, Morang for some years and moved to Kathmandu with his parents. He went back to stay with his grandparents in Salakpur for about 2 years and studied grades 4 and 5 at Pathibhara Boarding school in Itahari. He went back to Kathmandu to study in grade 6 at The Excelsior School Swoyambhu. He completed his SLC from The Excelsior School and his +2 from Edmark Academy.

Yama Buddha resided in North London, United Kingdom, with his wife. He was found dead in his bathroom on 14 January 2017.


Yama Buddha (2011)


Asaarko Bhel

Blueberry Pie

Don't Ask About My Music

Final Fantasy feat. Dougie

Sometimes (Thugz Mansion Remix)

You Just Play

Mama Told Me

Ma Futchhu Tara Jhukdina

Hinsaako Kaalo Baadal

I'm Fresh, I'm Fly

In My Soul feat. Lazy Boi, Dougie & Duke

Crack Raps


Grab Ya Khukuri

Yo Prasanga

Let It Go feat. Duke

I Represent

Battle Ready feat. Dougie & Duke



Yama Buddha II (2013)


Mic Check 001


I Will Go

Change Up

Mic Check 002

Kathmandu Ko Thito

Timi Malai

Malai Kohi feat. Kristina Allen

Narunu Timi


Foothpath Mero Ghar (Bonus Track)

Raachhyas (Bonus Track)


Ekadesh (2012)

Intro feat. Rodit Bhandari

Aama feat. Mistah K


Yo Prasanga

Antya Ko Suruwat feat. Leezum Bhutia


Jutta Maa

Kohi feat. Aidray & Nattu

KTM Grime

Gtfoh feat. Trisha

Think Smart

Gimme That Beat

Khatra (Album by Yama Buddha) (2017)





Allarey Thita


K Vako Hola (Bonus Track)


List of singles as lead artist

"Aaudai Chu Ma"


"Sipahi" feat. Saugat

"Timro Laagi" feat. Yodda & Brisk Timos

"Know Me"

"Get Back"

Hamro Barey Ma" feat. Mc Flo


"Ma Hoon Yatri" (with Mc Flo & Mac)

"Raachhyas" (with Hakim & Soda)

"The Top" (with Loorey, Duke, Dougie)

"Tito Satya" (with Manas Ghale)

"Mukhauta OST" (with Rabin Shrestha & The Sign Band)

"Aawaran" (with Priyanka Karki)

"Grown Man" (with Mani Sing)

"Get Down" (with Manas Ghale)

"Nachna" (with IRAJ, Chingy, Neha Kakkar & Tony T)

"Kalakaar" (with Sugam Pokhrel & Girish Khatiwada)

"Kathmandu finest" (With Nasty)


Yama Buddha was by far the most popular rapper in Nepal, especially among the youngsters. Unlike other Nepalese raps, his songs are based on eclectic affairs. 'Saathi', 'Footpath Mero Ghar' and 'Yo Prasanga' depict the real problems faced by Nepalese society such as poverty, drug addiction, sex trafficking, and homelessness. Songs on relationships are 'Ama (Mother)', 'Didi (Sister)', 'Pagalpan(Madness)'. Similarly, famous songs on other various narratives by Yama Buddha include 'Jutta ma', 'Audai chu ma' (for the movie Talak Jung Tulke), Aawaran (co Priyanka Karki). He also collaborated with international artists Iraj, Chingy and Neha Kakkar in 'Nachana'. He frequently performed live abroad (among Nepali diaspora) in countries such as India, Australia, UK, etc.


Yama Buddha died on 14 January 2017 in London. The singer was found dead in his bathroom at around 6 AM. It was reported that the singer committed suicide in his residence in North London.

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