Nepal - Bangladesh Skate Exchange Program






2 January, 2020 3:30 PM

Nepal - Bangladesh Skate Exchange Program with image 2020-01-02-15-29-12bangladeshskate.jpg

As Lil Wayne said - "Life is a lot like skateboarding."

Back in 2013, Nepal was starting its zero levels in the skateboarding scene. From all the hustles, whatever the community has earned is totally unmeasurable. Starting from a local skater to being a community to being a skateboard athlete to being a community of athletes. It takes real blood and sweat. You can exactly feel the emotional protagonistic arrogance in their eyes with mixed feelings of pain and pride combined. 

After a lot of experiences, Nepal Skate Team feels proud to share their struggle with the fellow country, Bangladesh. 

In November 2019, a team led by Jagrit Pahadi, President of Yuwa for Change (an organization working to promote skateboarding scene in Nepal) along with his team went to Bangladesh for Skate Exchange Program and successfully held workshops and events. Currently, Bangladesh Skate Scene is quite similar to what it was like of 2013 in Nepal. Nepal team led 8 days of the tour promoting skateboarding in Bangladesh.  


The team behind this project.

Sujan Thapa Magar, Regional Director

Yubraj Rana, Volunteer

Jitendra Rai, Volunteer

Sandip Shah, (Skater

Basanta Rai, Skater

Sujan Thapa Magar, Skater

Bijay Tamang, Skater

Some happy moments of Nepal - Bangladesh Skate Exchange Program